We were sat at breakfast. H piped up “Yellow like a banana, a mellow banana” and we looked at her in a kind of “eeehhhh?!” sort of way.

“You KNOW mummy. Yellow like a banana, a mellow banana”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is it a song you sing at nursery?”
“No” (this is never the most helpful answer, all those courses I went on to learn how to train people, they should call it ‘How To Train People And Toddlers’)
“Where did we see this song?” (see, put into practice)
“A man sung it” (this does not narrow things down)
“Was it on tv?”
“YES!” (looks at me like she can’t believe I don’t remember it) “YELLOW like a BANANA mummy!”
I rack my brain. Nothing is coming to mind.
“is it on Cbeebies or Nick Jr?” I ask, thinking of the Cbeebies presenters songs
“You know. The RAINBOW song”
a slight moment of clarity
“ohhhh…. on Cbeebies?” and yes, the lightbulb arrives.
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we’ll watch a bit of tv in the morning – Peppa Pig on Channel 5, and a quick switch over to Cbeebies to watch some Tweenies (kill me now). We’d caught the end of a programme which featured the same song both mornings, and I’d thought nothing more. Boogie Beebies.

A quick search online, and thank you iPlayer, they played it again this morning, so off we went to the Rainbow song, where yes, that line about Yellow Mellow Bananas appeared, and I was a little gobsmacked how quickly she’d picked it up. I know it’s been on in the past, but there’s no way she’d remember it from that long ago.

Oh yes, and it’s a really evil earworm too.

Ah, they appear to play it every day.