Adele Skyfall

Last Friday I got to hear the Adele Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ what with us putting it out at work. For most of last weekend I had the chorus stuck in my head, which was a much welcome change from Bob the Builder which refused to leave for most of the week before. On Monday it was made available for preorder, and by Monday evening some of the song had leaked all over the internet. I spent most of this week having to listen to that same excerpt of the song, again and again and again.

I’d also like it to be said that a sign of a good song is one you remember the chorus to. I told Shaun all about the song and he sung out loud – just as it had leaked last Monday – “oh, you mean SKY-FALLLLLLL!” to which I looked at him in paranoid horror as he’d got it exactly right – “How on EARTH have you heard it?!” I shrieked*. Actually, the calmer more rational me now knows that a good Bond theme contains the name of the film – case in point, Moonraker – to which everyone at work sung to the theme of ‘Goldfinger’ last Friday. So yes, ‘Skyfall’ is a proper good Bond theme and I’m sure it will eventually leave my head.

This morning at 0.07am it was made available for everyone to hear. (Disclaimer: I’m not a huge Adele fan, though can appreciate her music plus she’s a funny person to talk to, but I have to say this one is giving me proper earworm)

I’d just like a different earworm for a bit now please. Bob, even you can come back. Give me the weekend off please?

* paranoid fears about songs leaking are a common occurrence in the music business. You often get the fear you might have done something wrong (even when you haven’t), or you get to sign huge great documents saying you wont even talk about it with your workmates – as I had to for Oasis way back in the nineties. Now THAT was paranoia.

Anyway, I have nothing further to add to this. I just need wine.