We’ve finally bought H her big girl bed – soon she’ll be moving from her cotbed and into a proper one. The cotbed has been great – but we were running out of space for her – there was a handspan between her feet and the headboard – our tall little girl.

We were going for a bunk bed initially, but after checking prices everything was a bit too pricey so instead it was a simple single bed. We checked local stores and national stores until we stumbled upon a sale at Dreams – and were able to order a base and mattress for £188 total – the mattress was reduced by about 75% as well.

Here’s the weird bit though – we went to our local Dreams store to check out the beds we liked and were set to place an order, we had the cash ready – but because our items were ‘a low price’ we had to pay £35 for delivery – yet had we placed the order online then it’s free. So we left the shop and headed home, placing the order online and saving ourselves £35, plus getting a good cashback rate via Quidco.

It does make me wonder how shops can survive – especially when they’re competing against themselves.

Anyway, such was my sleep deprived state of mind, I put in the first Wednesday for delivery for H’s new bed – which I assumed was today. It was in fact the 19th, and it was only Monday after several coffees I realised this – so we’ve got to wait two weeks for it. No problem as we’ve gone this long without it, but now I’m wondering if in-store delivery is quicker if you pay the £35.

This leaves us with around £90 to spend on bedding for H which is excellent – I’ve ordered in some nice duvets – a winter and summer one that fasten together for really cold nights, plus some nice duvet sets (and there’s a gorgeous Very Hungry Caterpillar set I spotted on Amazon) and sheets, and our little girl will have her first proper big girl bed, the baby/toddler set will be gone for good.

I can’t wait!