So mainly because of my back we moved H into her big girl bed, as previously blogged. The last few nights we’ve had a few wakeups in the night (averaging two a night), with her declaring “I’m a little bit scared” – we’ve asked her what of, and not really had any progress – in true toddler fashion she’s more upset that ‘Packed Lunch Pete’ from Gigglebiz dropped his sandwich and would rather talk about that. (you would think we watch a lot of tv here, and err… well at the moment we do more than usual maybe?)

Finally, last night we had the breakthrough. She’s told us she’s scared of the headboards on her newly converted bed. The same ones she’s had since the first day she moved into the cotbed when she was around… ooooh… four months old?

How on earth do you get around headboard fear?

Hubs suggests putting more stickers on them (we have plenty), and I’ve read online about people telling their child that certain posters on the wall were looking after them (that’ll be Humf and Fifi, thankyouverymuch), but I’m a bit stumped. Googling ‘headboard fear’ doesn’t bring up too much either.