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So much to write about, so little time. So I’ll do bullet points instead.

• I bought the DVD of the 1970s Famous Five for H to watch. She loves it, and will sing the theme on repeat for hours. I do like passing on my childhood to her. There is an ulterior motive, as I saw the entire Famous Five collection has been reissued recently with artists from these days (like Oliver Jeffers and Emma Chichester-Clark) have done the covers. My 1970s collection is long gone, but H’s 2014 collection starts now!

• Football went a bit wobbly last night. They changed the format slightly which led to an anxious H who couldn’t do it straight away so she got upset. All the kids got a bit upset through the lesson. I forget how used to a routine they are – from seeing ten or so kids laughing and being happy and running around, it went to ten slightly cross ones and a few frustrated ones. However, getting a medal and certificate for the work done at the end meant H cheered up. We’ve not lost hope.

• Swimming is coming along marvellously too. She got her Duckling 4 & 5 badges tonight which she’s been due a while, so we can leave the Duckling stages behind and keep going to Stage 2. She’s almost there but we’re holding her back until she gets confidence in water as deep as she is tall, rather than the training pool.

• Reading is coming on well too – she moved up to the Orange band at school. I had no idea what the bands meant until I found this link, which says Orange is Year 2. Yikes! Knowing how much her school are strong on literacy I do wonder whether their grades may be higher, but nonetheless I’m still proud of her. She will happily sit and read a chapter of a book in her head, if she doesn’t know the tricky word she’ll keep reading to work out what the word can be, and ask if she’s really not sure.

• After School clubs have started for Reception kids – she had her first one last week. Add to that several playdates after school and things are pretty busy at the moment. With half term only a couple of weeks away this year is flying by. She isn’t too tired by it and learned a lot – mainly that electricity and water can start a fire and isn’t a good thing. Glad they’ve got them learning these things at this stage, I wouldn’t have thought of it!