for now, the codename for bean is Baby Glenn Hoddle Adams, shortened to BGH for now.

Anyway, I feel sick. Luckily I’m able to feel this way at home and only you, me and Shaun know. However, to aid my occasional bouts of sickness, I bought some special sweets. Except they’re called “Preggers Pop Drops” which kind of gives the game away a bit. I thought they’d be a bit subtle, but actually, no, they’re not. It’s there in big letters on the front – so it’s not like I can have the sweets on my desk really un-obviously. Jeez, you think someone would actually think about it, wouldn’t you?

Three days on self-imposed bed-rest seem to have done me the world of good. Actually, I say bed-rest, but we did go to Banstead and to M&S Saturday and yesterday (I did spend the majority of the day lying down, and I’ve not had a single bleed since then). In M&S, when we eventually found the maternity section, I found the jeans with the elasticated bit around the pockets (aka subtle maternity jeans). A size 18 actually felt a bit big, incredibly. I got them anyway, as it’s rare I’d fit into a 16 in womens sizes – plus I’ve lost a bit of weight since BGH started to make himself known. Off we went to the cash desk, where the woman who served me looked at my stomach, in a mildly concerned manner, and said “you know these are… errr… y’know” (she couldn’t actually say “Maternity Jeans”), to which I replied, “Oh yes, we’ve travelled all the way here to get some, thanks”. So then she started asking stuff like “ooh when is it due” and it felt wrong to reply correctly, so I just said “Oh, not for some time yet” which hopefully killed the conversation a bit… I’m not quite ready to have pregnancy conversations just yet. It’s my little secret, as shared by those who need to know.

Anyway, it made me smile, as she obviously checked out my stomach before confirming I actually was pregnant. Given I am, and I’ve felt quite sensitive about showing, it was strangely reassuring she must have thought I looked normal, despite having never met me before in my life. Although to be fair, i’m not showing just yet – my jeans are about waist-without-belt time, so I’ve got some subtle button extenders from ebay to see me through the next month. All feels well, anyway. I mean, if I felt sick this morning, it means BGH is making sure I know he’s still there.

I bet it’s a girl now. Still got a while before we’ll know that, though….