H’s best friend started swimming lessons today at the same time as her which is really nice. The two girls met up beforehand, they’re in different classes but next to each other in the pool. Sometimes I’d spot one watching the other while their lessons were going on which was really sweet. H was so excited that her friend was there and the two girls get on so sweetly together it’s great.

It also means I’ve got a friend to chat to for lessons again, which I’ve missed. It has been quite lonely leaving the old group, and us mums (and a dad) who ended up sitting together watching our children progress and grow in the pool together.

Both girls had a great lesson and were so excited to be coming out of the pool together – they’re at school together in the same class.Take me back fourteen years and I’d never in a million years have thought someone I worked with’s daughter would be best friends with mine. It’s great, and it’s such a small world.