This afternoon we went on the bus to Tooting – a good 30 minute ride away, and for the first time without the buggy. It has to be said that I do drive a lot when we’re out and about so our Maclaren isn’t used as much as it used to be anyway, but today I decided we really needed to try it and do a proper journey like it’s always going to be, rather than how it has been.

Armed with just a large bag (which was big enough to carry our My Carry Potty, I wasn’t being completely brave) and a change of clothes for H plus the essentials, we did the journey there and back fine (and actually went upstairs on the bus on the way back).

A quick trip to Wilkos and another to Primark, with a stop for coffee in Caffe Nero, and we were home by 4.45 – all in all a successful afternoon. Thank god.