H was off school on Tuesday, and one of the things which I constantly repeated to her was to drink water as that would make her better over time.

We sent her into school with a note to pass on to her teacher, asking that every time she needed the loo, she be able to go due to her problem on Tuesday. (she went to the toilet seven times at Rainbows on Monday, and that was in an hour and a half)

She forgot to hand her teacher the letter. She forgot to drink water. She went to the toilet TWICE all day.

Fast forward to today. H goes home with her friend after school on a Thursday and it hasn’t been a problem up to now as she did tennis club as an After School club. Her teacher had mentioned it to the office, who had called me before pickup time and I’d confirmed that was the arrangement. I also pointed out she had a letter in her book bag.

H’s teacher never got my message and was reluctant to let H go. That was until H piped up “OH! I’ve got a letter in my book bag!” and handed it over.

I swear, relying on my daughter to pass anything on like that is slim. But then why would I expect her to? She’s six. I wish our school had a better way of passing on information, important information that is. If there is, I don’t know what it is.

All I know is relying on a six year old to do what they’re asked is something which appears to be quite a challenge. Roll on Junior school….