Living in Carshalton/Wallington is great – apart from when you need to do things quickly by car. There’s not a lot of parking where you can pull up, jump out, get what you want and keep going – usually because they’ve changed the restrictions. The latest one being our Post Office collection office – all single yellows, or even doubles – all parking taken up by the postal workers (fair enough!) and nowhere for someone collecting to go. Not that I’m complaining – we parked on double yellows yesterday, and ran to the office and back, fortunately there were no queues, and unfortunately this space was our only option where H could safely be taken out of her car seat.

On the other hand, there’s weird places you can park – a small break in the single yellow line by the doctors, and a great new scheme at the car park near the library, 30 minutes free parking.

We found out what was wrong with H – she has a UTI, as originally suspected. So I picked up the prescription and headed up the hill to get it, using the free parking. Knowing we had a little bit of time I popped into Clarks for some welly bargains, and got back to the car with five minutes to spare.

Positioned right in front of my car were two traffic wardens, ready to pounce, should I go a minute over my time. She’d even started to write out the ticket – I heard them talking out loud about how the tickets were something-or-other and that it was a lot easier now or whatever. I don’t care; I was back.

They backed off after that, funnily. Sort of hovering, but me in my get-out-of-here-quickness managed to get H into her seat, syringed some medicine for her and gave it, and still had a minute to spare.

It makes me a bit cross. I mean, they could be nicking all those of us who park on the double yellows at the post office instead….