I feel so full of food I can’t eat a thing more. We’ve had what could be deemed a manic weekend just gone, with little or no rest until today, broken nights of sleep thanks to work related things which didn’t happen and the anxieties which come with it, and daytrips out.

legoland happy

On Friday we headed to Legoland Windsor for the first time, somewhere we know H is the right age to appreciate it. Tickets cost us £105 in advance, with £5 back from Quidco. Fortunately Shaun’s mum sent us some money towards it which helped a lot – a trip there isn’t cheap. I can see why people buy Merlin Passes now. I also cursed the people with queue jumping passes – sure, you pay for them but it’s still really annoying. We stayed from just after 10am until just before 7, and the most surprising thing of all was the amount of time it took to get there. Heathrow is an hour on a good day from our house, but the M25 is unpredictable at the best of times. Fortunately on Friday it was clear!

Lego Indy

Saturday was a more leisurely stroll around The City of London. H’s cousin wanted to go to The Monument so we all headed there via St Paul’s Cathedral (without going in). After The Monument (where H bought a Guy Fox guide – we love the Guy Fox things they bring out) we headed to Borough Market which was rammed, smelt great, and headed to Utobeer where I bumped into my old friend Richard and had a quick catch up.

St Pauls

After that, a walk down the Thames via Clink Street and the Globe, as well as the Southwark Bridge Frost Fair mural, ticking off loads of things in H’s I-Spy book of London as we went along, and taking a few photos for good measure.


Into the Tate Modern where H and her cousin ran around for about half an hour before we wandered around, spent more money and eventually decided to call it a day.

Unfortunately I had a work-related thing which was due to go live at 1am on Sunday morning (sociable) which didn’t happen until now, Monday evening. That was annoying, I kept myself awake to do the work to find out it wasn’t happening eventually, waking again at 4am in case something had happened. An anxious time.

Tate Modern

Sunday was the Easter Egg Trail at Morden Hall Park, dodging (and failing) the rain, wandering around and finishing off with a baked potato in their cafe, farewells to my sister and her family, and slobbing on the sofa to watch Wreck It Ralph while eating chocolate. The chocolate made me feel unwell (and Shaun’s did to him too), an unsettled night’s sleep and not at all restful despite the quiet meant that Monday was a quiet one, getting better for tomorrow, back in the office for a day, hurray.

I had a brilliant weekend, I could have just done with more sleep as well.

Lego Wyldstyle