It was time for H’s referral since using eyepatches, to see how her eyes were coming along.

The good news? A HUGE improvement – the weaker eye has moved up some kind of line thing I didn’t really understand and should have asked about. Even better news? We don’t have to go back for eight weeks! Eight weeks is the end of November.


Where has this year gone?

I also mentioned that she’d had a reaction to her eyepatch, so we switched to some new ones as she’s been okay with the coloured ones we’ve left at nursery – so now she has some Ortopad Fun Pack latex free glittery ones! Even better, they’re all sealed so we don’t know what each one looks like. Or rather ‘5 designs with glitter’ – that’s all you need to know really. Now we have a box of colour at home I’m going to make sure we make a nice eyepatch butterfly with them once they’re used.

Being at the hospital is good – there’s a children’s waiting room, so H just goes into the little house, closes all the doors and windows and brings toys in there to play. We were called within ten minutes and taken into a room which had Peppa Pig characters all over the furthest wall, which H had to identify – from colours of noses, hats, clothes to who they actually were. It was great, and all one big game for her which made everything lots of fun. There was some simple matching pairs using letters but H just wanted to tell us the letters. Her right eye is definitely still weaker, but it’s coming along really well now which is great.

These last couple of weeks H doesn’t want to take her eyepatch off either, which I think is helping a huge amount with her eyes.

So, the end of November here we come….