School started back this week, after two inset days on Monday and Tuesday. H is now in Year 1, and everything is fine. She’s happy and getting on with it.

Wednesday was her swimming lesson – her teacher has started to take the class into the main pool at the end of the lesson to practice jumping in there (as it is deeper) and swimming to the side. While H still needs some work doing front crawl, she’s doing it perfectly on her back – she jumped in (which looked more like a star jump) and got straight onto her back and swam to the end. I’m impressed – I know she’s almost there, but her teacher giving all the children time to do it is brilliant. There are two classes working towards Stage 2, and only ours goes in the big pool. Her teacher thinks that by October half term she’ll be ready to move up – as well some of her friends in the same group, which is fantastic. The only downside is that her teacher doesn’t teach Stage 2, so we’d be moving into new territory – that and the teacher doesn’t go in the pool with them any more. I’m still getting my head around it thanks to only learning to swim once I was seven, whereas H is five.

She starts Rainbows in a couple of weeks, something she’s excited and worried about in equal parts. I know she’ll have a brilliant time and I’m hoping it will help with her confidence being around other children that aren’t just the ones she goes to school with. Add to that our neighbour goes to the same group, and I know she’ll be fine. It’s just a big step into another new thing.

The summer is over then, Australia been and gone and we’re settling back to normality again. I’ve really enjoyed our family time together and I’m craving more. Good job we’ve got plans for half term! I miss my little girl – she’s such fun to be around and has a brilliant sense of humour which comes out more every time we chat. She’s very loving and caring – yesterday when I felt unwell she brought me fruit (bless!) and patted my back as it was sore – it’s the little things, but I love her caring nature.