So I had my second chiropractor treatment this morning. I can see what’s going on now. I had a very hard massage (which is bloody painful) to get my stiff muscle going – I know the left side of my body is a lot stiffer and tense compared to the right, and was told as much when I had physio last year. Lots of putting my body into a certain position and cracking things in the spine to get them moving again and reduce what’s going on with my disc that’s not doing so well – and yet again no pain afterwards, and being told I’m doing really well.

Next week is my last ‘free’ (well, Groupon covered) treatment, then I go up to £35 for a 15 minute treatment – which is an awful lot of money for a short amount of time. Hopefully by then I’ll be down to twice a month or even once a month, as I’m not entirely sure how we’ll afford it at that kind of price.

Funnily enough, there’s plenty of people out there who say that seeing a chiropractor means nothing and it’s an entirely unproven method of solving a problem (especially a back one) – but I’ve found that I got the answer I needed, I’m trying the treatment and I *think* it’s helping. Now I know what my problem is I panic a lot less if something pulls in my back; I know all I need to do is straighten myself and get my posture right and it settles.

Each to their own, but I’d say if you’re reading this and you’re not sure, I’m glad I did it. I’m also glad I did it via a Groupon deal as it would have cost me over £100 so far.