This is what I expected it to be like in Australia in winter. We had one day with fog in the morning, our last one. By around 9am it was sunshine without a cloud in the sky. I think we planned the perfect time to head there without actually realising. There was rain, there was fog, but there was sun and plenty of it.

foggy drive

We’re so lucky Shaun’s mum and dad live where they do. They’re outside Toodyay in the bush, so often there is peace and quiet and you can hear nothing. The night is so dark you can’t see anything without a torch – there are no streetlights to help you here. If you’re out walking, get back home by 6pm when it’s sunset as there are no lights to help drivers see you. The walk around the block of theirs is about 1.5km, and something we all did from time to time to get some exercise.

The downside is being so cut off from anything, but I didn’t need to do anything (we had one night out seeing The Dandy Warhols, and two nights staying at his Nanna’s in Coogee over near Fremantle) and being an hour or more from Perth, but it means you have to stop and relax at the end of the day – it’s not like there are things you need to do and find.

H discovered a new side as well. The climbing one. She’s always been okay but I’m terrible at letting go. This time the two times she had other children to play with, they were older and more confident and it rubbed off on her – she was climbing and joining in, trying to do what the other children were doing, but also asking for help when she knew she couldn’t. I need to take a step back and let her do things as I know she can. Almost a year ago we were sent some Adidas trainers from Sports Shoes to review (over on Mum Friendly), and they still fit. I ordered in a bigger size, but these shoes have been brilliant and we’ll definitely get more when she grows out of them. She also turned five when we were out there – probably her first birthday without other children her own age, but she was fine with that. We did so many trips to places it was like one continuous birthday treat.

Frozen theme Ice Cream cake

We took the easy option with her birthday cake. I’d bought some Frozen characters before we left (although Hans fell off his base so had to be on the cake over Kristoff – I’m going to remove all the bases before H’s very small birthday party next month), Shaun’s mum Lyn bought an ice cream cake, we bought more vanilla ice cream and some blue food colouring and added some silver balls to the top, then sticking candles and Frozen characters on there. So easy and perfect for H who loves Frozen. This idea was completely stolen from Rosie’s friend – Rosie posted the cake on FB a few months ago and I knew it would be perfect for travelling.

Every day I checked the temperature and compared it to London. Every day we were warmer, and every night we were a couple of degrees colder. I’m really missing it. Back to work tomorrow. Big sigh.