Sunday – H was still not right so we missed our NCT trip to Godstone Farm and lazed around the house. This also meant a good clean of the cupboards and a chance to show off the Marmite Archive. They’re all unopened.


Monday – I was at work, Shaun looked after H and they made big progress on #operationdollshouse – but ran out of orange for the tiles. This meant I had to make a trip the following day to Poundland which was lucky as I found some orange paper which matched (it was from there anyway) plus…


Tuesday – a load of textiles that would look great on the floor.


Wednesday – a busy one, we had our NCT playgroup in the morning and a really good chat with friends, then we popped over to the Caterpillar Tales house (which is an amazing house!) where H got to hang out with all the kids – then Jo of 3 Kids and a Gluestick joined us with even more kids and more play. I need a Tuff Spot. We then found out where H would be starting school in September after her swimming lesson. Wednesdays are getting silly, we’re so busy (but I love it). It was good meeting the homeschool lot too, as you get more of an idea, and it really does appeal. We’ll see how we get on from September… H had a play on the piano and was really quite tuneful.


Thursday – A mad day at work, I headed out of the office for a meeting and missed the storm by minutes. That night was knitting at The Sun where fine music was played and things were knitted. They had these hung behind us on the wall and I thought they looked pretty.


Friday – a non-day. I bought some socks in Tiger and got them home, to find that I’d actually bought three socks – ‘two for you and one for the washing machine’. Sigh. I bought three more on Friday. I now have some new great socks and none for the washing machine.


Saturday – a day doing ‘stuff’. Got a haircut, bought some things for my birthday and found a shop (Hardy’s) which sells vintage sweets. Sherbert dip-dabs have plastic tops these days?! We finished the day watching Cinderella with home made pizza and some shloer. A nice relaxing day too. 


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