Freaky. I had no idea we were set for two short weeks next week either until around Friday – this put me in an immensely good mood once I realised. Still, here’s a recap in pictures of the last week.


Sunday – I showed H the stick book – we’ve seen it so many times at National Trust shops and not bought it, so I got it online in the end for some outdoor inspiration – and she loved it too. (n.b. The Book People have it super-cheap at the moment and I recommend) Then we had soft play and met up with the NCT gang – we’ve not seen each other since before Christmas so it was long overdue. By the time the children had properly warmed up and we’d got back to Claire’s house they all played in ‘the den’ and hid down the back of the chair as is usual. We pounced on them for photos, and got this one which I’m pleased with. H isn’t the only girl in the group (as one of our friends has left London now), though she’s the eldest girl of the children. A bit like her mum…


Monday – massively uneventful day, so much so I can’t remember a thing about it. At all. Seriously. If I had managed to take a photo this day it would be an achievement.


Tuesday – we were back at the Eye Hospital with H, where she had the latest test – moving from pictures to letters (something we had no idea about – her letter recognition has been amazing in the last year, from bus numbers to car number plates) – so if you happen to read this and your child is good at letters and has eye tests, then mention it – you may be bumped up. Letters are more accurate than pictures, and we got good test results because of it. I was convinced we’d be on patches. H looked worried still though, so we made some worry dolls so we can try and get her talking about things more. I now remember saying “I was worried you’d need to wear eye patches again” when I had my turn. I may have then mentioned Peppa Pig. She got it.


Wednesday – a manic day – we left the house at 9.15 and were home by 6.45, though H was well fed thanks to food at a friends – but in that time we had playgroup, soft play, swimming and we went back to Claire’s house where I got this photo. Amazingly H wasn’t as tired as the previous week. I’m hoping this isn’t some kind of stamina building thing as I’m not sure how long I can keep it up for…


Thursday – another uneventful day. I did make it to H&M at lunchtime and got H some pretend baseball/basketball (I always get them mixed up) boots for a fiver. I also tricked her when we got home – she had them on and was marvelling at how cool they are (and they are) and I said “yes! You asked for blue didn’t you!” – she tearfully turned to me and said “no mummy, I wanted pink” and looked really on the verge of tears. Fortunately I’d bought a pair of pink and took them out of my bag, her sad face immediately turned into a smile… phew.


Friday – I’ve started reading ‘How Eskimo’s Keep Their Babies Warm’ and found this chapter in my book, and liked it. I’m not one of those people who highlights chapters or words usually, but I like that. It reminded me of how I want our mealtimes to be. London is evil – it’s impossible for us to eat earlier than 6.30 every night, but we’ll all sit together and eat and take the time to make it our meal time. So it was nice to have a backup for what we do – not that anyone is sniffy towards it.


Saturday – we had a pyjama day while watching the snow. We were SO lazy. We got out the Melissa and Doug beads and made necklaces – Shaun didn’t take his task very seriously though. Hmph. I also lost another 1lb despite not eating as well as I should. I feel like I look thin.


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