Argh! I ordered the Toddler Car Seat attachment thing at Amazon called the ‘Traveling Toddler’, thinking it would be the ideal solution for us travelling to Australia, and taking our car seat with us (a Britax First Class Plus). It arrived this morning – the tiniest t-shaped piece of hard fabric (seems a bit steep for £15, but hey) and we then realised we need our seat to have straps which are the US equivalent of Isofix, which it doesn’t – and checking online most seats don’t seem to have them.

It’s such a great idea – a t-shaped attachment which wraps around your cabin luggage (if you get a wheelie one) and carries the car seat so you end up with a kind of instant stroller. But no, it’s not for us, it wont work. I wish I’d realised more as postage was really steep, (£5!) so we’ve lost that.. but I’m returning the attachment, and am going to splash out on some good pricey belt type things which will probably do the trick just as well.

Oh well.