but still there’s more next weekend.

Ha, oh yes, presents. I lost the carefully written out list of what everyone had given H for her birthday a few days ago – I have thankyou cards ready but no reminder of who gave what – and when you’ve almost 30 presents to thank people for and a memory like mine (also suffering a bit from the cold and lack of proper sleep), that’s not a good thing.

So I did what any normal person would do and had a tidy up. Everything was tidied, put back into its place until the room looked a bit like it did in mid-July but no, no list.

So I started checking the tops of cupboards (as that’s an obvious not-obvious place to put something of great importance when you can’t think straight any more) and sure enough the list found its way back to me. Lord only knows why I put it up there, but for some unknown reason I did. I probably even thought to myself at the time it’d be a good different place to put it so I wouldn’t forget it was there. Yeah, well done me.

Still, this means the thank-you cards can commence… fun. But I have my lovely new Cross pen to write them with so that’s a good thing.

Anyway, another party has gone today – which ended up in the room we did pilates back in January in, and had around twenty-two or so three and almost-three year olds pushing large exercise balls around the room while screaming in a sugared up kind of chaos. It was great! Add to that Shaun and another dad friend of ours had a race on the indoor running track (Shaun won) which finally ended up with all our kids racing each other like crazy working off that sugar. Does anyone anywhere host parties on indoor running tracks? Maybe I should start a business up…. imagine it; egg and spoon race, run to the birthday cake, first to the chocolate fountain.


image stolen shamelessly without permission from here because that’s where we were today. Though maybe a chocolate fountain might get messy… hmm. It’s a fabulous track for running on though.