H has been told off at nursery for eating too fast. Tonight we took a long hard look at ourselves, and of course, we’re to blame.

We all sit nicely at the table together, Shaun and I eating with just a fork (laying our knife next to us, should we need it) and probably eating too fast… faster than we should (we’re hungry, okay?) and who’s she going to copy?

Us, of course.

If anyone could arrange for some lessons in how to eat nicely, it’d be much appreciated. For me and Shaun, that is.

The worst thing about admitting this is we only just realised tonight. How many other eating faux-pas’s have we/I made? I know my mum eats and talks with her mouth full and it’s something I do (though I have been trying VERY hard since my sister pointed it out, and actually she’s done it too), but what else?

I’m too tired to analyse myself.

On the plus side H doesn’t seem too aware of all this, so it’s something which can be put right.