Nursery. The first full day. Oh god. Not the greatest. Her angry screaming cries meant she didn’t eat anything at all – too angry to eat. They tried to give her milk, she refused it. She eventually ate some crumpets while sat in the main office, and when they weren’t paying her attention (ie, not talking and encouraging her to eat), which makes me wonder whether they understand baby led weaning (I’m sure they do), and whether she’s being left to feed herself or not… oh god. Anyway. She’s now booked in for an extra session tomorrow, and Shaun will drop her off and pick her up – hopefully it’s a “me” thing – she cried when she saw us tonight, but only wanted to cuddle me.

I really hope she adjusts soon. She started it all so well, as well. They say they’ve had babies who are worse than My H as far as reacting like this go, and that it does get better. It just makes me feel heartbroken that maybe we’ve done something wrong.

Then there’s the issue about her not definitely getting a place in August/September time… arghhh. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it… early July and we should know more. I have no Plan B.