well, a week today and we’re not at work. All good, and due to the scan. I can feel something there, and I’m getting frequent sort of pin prick type pains around my abdomen, which apparently are common, and just the uterus leaving the pelvis, or something. Oh I don’t know, I don’t pay that much attention, really. Anyway, things are on the move inside, so I feel pain. (oh, and it’s a second trimester thing, so that makes me feel positive about it, I’m there in some cases, and not in others – apparently it’s difficult to calculate. Possibly it should be next Monday. I don’t care, anyway)

Folic Acid definitely makes me sick, but I’m continuing to take it, despite starting my 13th week – after checking with the Ladies Loos, the general concensus is that it wont harm me, so I may as well finish off what I’ve got (which isn’t that much anyway) – waste not, want not, and all that. At least I recognise this and try to take it with food (before it was while making food, using fruit juice to make it go down).

Checked our our local Mamas & Papas stockist yesterday, and fell in love with several prams (as usual), however, I’m veering towards the Mothercare “MyChoice” deal right now, though I need to find the time to read some reviews to get a good overview.

So, the next big question – do I make this known when I can tell everyone next week? That’s providing there’s no problems next week, of course. Mind, having said all that, I was able to button up my jeans properly yesterday, which was a little bizarre, having not been able to for the last couple of weeks.

Well, there’s not a huge amount to say really, other than we’re almost there. I’m beyond the point now where miscarriage is high risk (though at the back of my mind I do think about it, as 20 weeks is the overall time when you’re truly clear – though whether that means you’re delivering a premature baby at that point, I’m not sure – I’m not taking anything for granted, anyway). I just want this week to go quickly, which of course means it’ll be the longest week ever in existence. Sods law, and that…