I get some time on the computer. Shaun is back at work, and things are starting to quieten down again. Now I’m just waiting for appointments, that kind of thing – H is sleeping, so I have time to backtrack over all the stuff I’ve wanted to.

First one – Baby Led Weaning. God, it’s easy so far. What’s even better is we’re eating better. The downside? She’s trying to steal food from my mouth, which is a bit “oi, gerroff!”. Especially when it’s a cake. She loves pretty much everything we’re putting in front of her, especially broccoli, and just loves eating. Ohh how I wish she had teeth to make it easier for herself.

Secondly – Teeth. God, they said teething is difficult, and they meant it. I think I always knew we’d have a “difficult” baby – and by that I don’t mean that she is, as such, she’s just feeling the pain a lot, and waking every 1-2 hours overnight in pain – poor mite. Hopefully it’ll pass soon. I can’t see those familiar white rings on the gum yet, though. The dribbles are like floods now though, so I’m hoping they just appear from nowhere.

Thirdly – rolling. Yep, she’s rolling like a good ‘un. In fact, she’s done it all the way round a couple of times too. To make our house well and truly taken over by her, we’ve got some alphabet and number tiles from Amazon which have turned our house into a nursery of some kind. Which now means she rolls, as the floors aren’t hard. We didn’t think about that one at all… maybe our floors hindered her progress. Not any more, anyway.

Fourthly – stuff in her mouth. Anything and everything is going in there now. Her hand to mouth co-ordination is good, which means nothing is safe any more. The power lead to the laptop? She’ll try. Oh joy. It’s time to seriously think about childproofing. We’re getting there, it’s safe. It’s just having to think, that’s what we’re not used to.

She’s turning into a little person.

(and has just woken up)