this morning she was clingy, upset, refusing food and refusing milk – nothing would work. She just cried a lot and was clingy – which isn’t like her at all. I still suspect teething, but after taking her temperature, decided that I’d head to the doctors. She was given the all-clear there, no signs of problems, and I was advised to give her nurofen.

So, nurofen given, she then starts eating and nursing again, and sleeps on me for an hour, wakes up for food and sleeps again straight away.

She’s been a bit unsettled tonight, though is asleep now… hopefully until the early hours… she came in bed with us this morning (which is always nice, though as she’s crawling I fall asleep holding onto her sleeping bag in case she tries to crawl off the bed- it hasn’t happened yet, but doesn’t mean it wont).

So soft foods galore for her today, and I’m convinced those three other front teeth are getting ready to make an appearance. Poor thing, it’s given her a lot of discomfort.