she can now wave, a delicate little twinkling of the fingers, with a cute smile. I think she’s got the hang of it.

We gave her cottage cheese tonight, which did actually go down really well, amazingly. You’d think it’d be harder to eat by hand than it was. Mind, it was messy.. very very messy.

We’ve splashed out on a Phil and Teds seat for eating out – in the last few days we’ve had our lunch out, and as is now the case with BLW, the seats in restaurants/cafe’s etc just don’t take our situation into account. Food goes all over the floor, there’s no tray to eat food from (just my plate) and it isn’t working – so tomorrow we’re getting some disposable mats to use while we’re out (nowhere seems to sell them when you want them), and we should be set.

In other news, we may have found a new place to live, which is where two of our friends are living at the moment – they’re about to hand in their notice, and we just need to let them know we’re interested, and take it from there. Need to act on it quickly though.. but that’s fine. That’ll be one stress less to think about.

H also is next baby in line for a nursery place, so we’ll know more from the end of May. I reckon she’ll get a place for August or September – she’s already got one day a week from June. So I’ll be heading back to work from July for one day a week, get back into the flow of it all again…. time’s really flying..