Dear Shoppers Of Croydon,

(especially those of you in the Whitgift Centre today)

Why is it now acceptable to use a shopping trolley? Why do you then park the trollies (which look like suitcases) in my way? Blocking the things I’d like to buy? Oh that’ll be because you’re looking at something else next to it? They get in the way. They’re annoying. I’ve become the person who gets annoyed at buggies taking up space (lord knows I had that plenty of times), but instead for me it’s your silly trollies. I know they’re probably better for your back and that you can carry less, but you got in the way of me shopping and it annoyed me. So y’know, just letting you know.

Little Ms Didn’t Buy As Much As I Wanted Because The Queues Were Too Long And Full Of People With Suitcases

p.s. the spotty ones are quite nice
p.p.s. if this was a sponsored post I’d have asked to have been paid quadruple my going rate