we’ve been stood out in the back yard tonight, pointing at aeroplanes in the sky. She’s liking them – a huge grin on her face when she spots one, and she points at it, and looks really excited.

I’m trying to get her used to the idea for when we go to Australia. Picked up a book called ‘Busy Airport‘ with loads of pop up tabs, stuff like that, and it’s great. She’ll point at things when you ask her “Where’s (insert whatever here)” and I just figure if I can prepare her well, the flight will be a doddle.

Until she gets bored…

Oh, and yesterday she ate her first handful of soil. Cue two panicky parents while she had a look of utter glee on her face, this lovely gritty stuff in her mouth. Urgh. Or maybe it was the plant food. Ewww. Oh, and she played with a dead slug, too. Lovely, my little girl, isn’t she?