Yesterday, while waiting in the EPU which was extremely full, I realised (well, I already knew, but it just confirmed things even more than what I already knew) that my husband is a complete and utter saint. Ladies came in who were further down the queue, or due appointments. Shaun remained standing by me (I was seated), and after there was no more room to sit down, only one other man stood up to offer his seat to the pregnant women who came in. It was shameful – I mean, at least ask! So spotty spoddy boy, and bald hat man, shame on you both. Chav boy and Chav mum (they were with Chav Daughter), shame on you too.

In the end Shaun stood for two hours. See? A bloody thoughtful man there. (with added bonus point to long haired beardy man who also gave up his seat more than twice). Respect also to man next to us who sat on the floor next to his pregnant lady. I wish there were more people like these. Shaun was a little less polite about them and used bad swear words.