We were stupid yesterday. We didn’t make enough time for afternoon naps, and boy, did we pay. By midnight our poor little lamb was screaming through overtiredness and having no sense of routine. She eventually settled around 12.30am. Let that be a lesson to us. We did try to give her naptime in the day, and she did a couple of times but not for very long (or indeed, long enough), but now we’re buckling down properly. I think yesterday was a lesson in how not to do parenting. (Note – she wasn’t neglected in any way, we just didn’t read the signs properly)

So today, after she’d woken at 5am for a feed, and was fed and changed, it was back to bed for a little longer, which she did with no fuss. Early afternoon, and we put her down for a long nap, which lasted for 35-40 minutes, she woke straight away, and was fed, and is currently back upstairs asleep again. I guess a lot of this is alien to us, as the colicky baby we had (ah, a cry, right then, awww) didn’t allow us to get into a routine.

Also, add to this she’s got a sore throat. Aw, it’s sad. I think it’s her first cold, possibly. So lots of cuddles, and the occasional dose of infant calpol, plus her having to sit in the bathroom while me or Shaun shower (the steam is good for them, honest), and hopefully we’ll see the end of this cold soon. She’s not suffering too badly, she’s just croaky. She can still scream, though. Oh god, can she…

So yes, New Years Eve 2009, and at midnight, I had my poor little screaming baby in my arms. Mind, by 12.30 I had a sleeping baby, and a glass of champagne in my arms instead. Just a small one, mind.