We’re on holiday now, hence the complete silence – my only internet being free Wifi or what Haven offers (15 minutes a day) which isn’t as easy as you’d think.

Then again, I’m on holiday, this is family time and I should be enjoying it rather than being online, right?

It started well – the M25 was a mess which added at least an hour and a half onto our time – we eventually arrived at 6. We were given a chalet block of four bedrooms which had a leak the previous day, so we switched to a brand new caravan with less room but nicer smells.

We’re also right next to the entertainment complex so can identify most tunes by the bassline. Until midnight. Sigh…

But it’s okay – we’re sleeping and doing loads and having fun and getting most things done. The only ‘me’ time is the toilet where I’m typing this, and Twitter saved us when H was sick in the hirecar (which is ace, by the way) (the car, not the sick) and I’m re-stamping memories of the past (ELO when driving through late seventies Porthmadoc) with memories of today (Justin Fletcher – everything).

I can’t believe we’ve only two days left. Butlins in Pwllheli has properly died, replaced by Haven Hafan Y Mor. It’s good, though.