I can’t remember where I was up to. Anyway, I have Gestational Diabetes, which, as of yesterday, I don’t have to go back to hospital about unless my levels rise dramatically. Well, for 3 weeks, anyway – a much better scenario than having to go every week, like it has been the last two weeks.

I’m not upset about it any more, and the Metformin I’ve been prescribed has taken away the evil tiredness I had. However, this means I now quite often have nights of no sleep, lying with my eyes closed, daydreaming, occasionally snoring, and realising I haven’t actually slept yet. Like, say, last night for example. They joke about how it’s your body “getting used to it” but I’m not laughing.

Baby is also getting quieter. Apparently it’s because she has less room to move around – this morning as Shaun said goodbye, I was almost on my left hand side, and my body was just one hard bump. She’s got to get bigger yet, so that should be fun – though how much bigger can you get in nine weeks? (or longer if she’s late).

Also, we found out at the weekend, both myself and Shaun were huge great big 9 pound babies. Oh woe! Let’s hope the old “like mother like daughter” or whatever doesn’t apply this time – last week when we had a growth scan (for the diabetes – she’s well within range, which is reassuring) they said she weighed around 3 pounds. I’m hoping for a 6-7 pound baby, which will be acceptable. I also found out I was pretty much right on time (though I’ve always known I was an emergency caesarian), and Shaun was around a week late. So let’s hope Madam takes after her mum, but without the c-section.

I say she’s been quieter, but just then she wriggled around, so I’m not overly worried. Anyway, we got a good strong heartbeat yesterday in the checkup.

I’ve had evil back pains for the last week or two – which miraculously disappeared yesterday. It was really odd – I could have run a marathon (metaphorically, there – I can barely run for a bus right now) – I felt normal and human again after feeling like an old git who can’t stand up straight any more. However, this may have been due to working from home in the morning, having a lie in, and a nice long bath. Once I got into work, I managed around 3 hours before the familiar pains returned. So I’m now convinced it is my office chair. Luckily, I’m getting a new chair today, which hopefully will give a bit more support. If not, then god knows what I do next. I’ve six weeks left, and the pain is unbearable when it’s there. When it’s not, I feel happy and more normal again. Ohh it’s evil.

We were working out what benefits I’ll gain while I’m off, and oh woe of woes, I do get taxed on my maternity pay. I was hoping as it was so little that I wouldn’t, but no, of the under £500 I’ll receive, I’ll have tax and NI contributions taken out, leaving me with something like £375 or something to live on a month. Ouch. It was going to be hard, and it’s only £100 or so less than I thought, but still. It’ll be that little bit harder now. Good job I like shopping at Lidl, and it’s walkable!! How come all the prices keep going up, yet none of our wages do? Actually, a non-baby thing here – our garage near Asda – every time I drive past, the petrol prices have gone up 2p per litre. It’s quite ridiculous. They’re the most expensive by a mile, though everyone else is slowly catching up. I do find it quite unfair that things are moving up in price so rapidly, bar all our wages. Not complaining, it means you do without – maybe that’s another reason why things are rising. In the end, you need food though, don’t you? Petrol isn’t a necessity… (it just helps occasionally) Save save save!!