You know how it is, you spend an entire week at work, rushing home three nights a week to make it for school pickup in time, a week when the trains were really messed up (especially Friday) and you look forward to the weekend. That one time you can relax a little, put your feet up, not do as much and just chill out for a little bit.

However, plans like these suddenly take a back seat when an unannounced visitor makes their presence known. Yep, on Friday night H got to take her class teddy bear home.

I tried to do a smile of proud mother towards her (they have to follow rules at school though the cynical parent I am I think there’s a random list and whoever hasn’t had it yet gets it next) while inwardly groaning. I like to take photos of things we do but now I’m going to have to make sure they’re GOOD photos. No pressure. As another friend pointed out, you need some tv and iPad playing photos as I’m not about to raise the bar and make it the most amazing weekend the bear has ever had, no pressure other parents from this house, oh no.

Fortunately we had a birthday party at Kidspace in Croydon on Saturday so there were a few photo opportunities there. That and H saying “oh can I take the bear onto the climbing frame” – the same frame I didn’t see her for half an hour in – I suggested maybe that wasn’t a good idea. She did like us taking him on the Go Kart’s though. In fact, H loved it so much she went again – on her own. Incredibly she can accelerate, brake and steer quite competently. She’s in the yellow car.

On Her Own.

Trampolines were easier and there was less of a chance to lose him so he was allowed. I could feel the wrath of thirty children and the teachers had we lost him there… I wonder if school keeps a spare?

After that we were fairly lazy, but did let H stay up late with him to watch ‘Splash’ – given her new found love of “diving into pools” as demonstrated by throwing the class bear from the settee and telling him he wasn’t in a straight line like the judges said on the show. “oh dear, that’s only a 6.5” she’d tell him. I didn’t take photos. Sadly.

Today was an altogether more relaxed day, a trip to the cinema to see Frozen followed by a meal in Bella Italia using up some vouchers I’d been sent a long time ago – the meal cost £4 in the end which I’m not going to argue with. Especially as the cinema was closer to £30. Ouch. The class bear enjoyed himself anyway, or so we’ll have them all believe. I got H to write some random bits about things we’d done in some sticky speech bubbles from Tiger Stores, then stuck them onto the pictures. Then the final picture for the diary arrived right on time, taken by a friend. Phew.

Go Cart Adequate Parent


We popped into Kiddicare where H ran around the aisles with her H sized shopping trolley, the school bear in the front. I took him out and tricked her into thinking she’d lost him. She did look worried so I told the truth, and after that she didn’t let him out of her sight. Right now she’s tucked up in bed having one last sleep with him, as I’m sure most of her classmates already have. Ewww.

Next weekend it’s a quiet one.