Haven’t done one of these for a long time. So here’s a random day in the week.

6.30am. Alarms go off, wake up. H comes in for cuddles with me. An old tradition which hasn’t gone away yet.

7am. Out of the shower and dressed by now, H is also getting dressed while I’m busy drying my hair.

7.20am. Shaun has put a load of fruit into a tub for me while I’ve been getting H ready, so I grab it and run for the train. The train arrives and it has been reduced from 10 carriages to 5. Not ideal, and I’m lucky to get a seat. Everyone is squashed in like sardines.

8am. At Clapham Junction, buying my lunch as I work through and eat, apart from Thursday.

8.10am. Get into work. Eat Breakfast. Work. Eat lunch. Get abusive emails. Argue with them. Ignore them. Go back to them. Despair. Read their emails out loud to my coworkers using a funny voice then everything feels fine again.

2.10pm. Finish work. Run for bus and train home. Rely on Southern Trains. Train delayed (‘has not left Clapham Junction’ I’m reliably informed by my friend who is on this train). Discover another train has been moved to a different platform. Run to it. Become aware of the twenty minute gap getting smaller. Get train. Does not stop at our stop. Watch my stop go by. Know I’ll need to get a cab to make it to school on time, another £10. I’m also picking up friend’s child as she can’t get back in time either.

3.15pm. Get to school late. H not in office thank goodness. Take H and friend home from school and see what snacks we have in the cupboards. None. Make mental note to add to the food order for Wednesday.

4pm. Osteopaths. Get to lie down for 45 minutes but have to keep checking in on H as she’s sat with me. She’s pretty good at sitting reading and being quiet.

5pm. Chop vegetables for tea. Put in soup maker. Make soup. Get to sit down. Make H read her reading book for school. Go through book bag and find she still hasn’t handed in her home learning she did on Friday evening. Also find a letter about a school event which is being held at 2pm which is no good when you work.

5.45pm. Take H swimming. Sit and chat with other mums for half an hour and have the same “oh gosh hasn’t the time flown” chat we have every week.

6.45pm. Arrive home. Wait for Shaun. He is on a Thameslink train which is of course running late. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have pilates in 15 minutes. So I stand on the doorstep as this will obviously make him come home faster.

7pm. Make it to my pilates class in time. Someone has taken my spot. I like the bit near the fireplace so I can hold on for balance, but I’m late. So I wobble a bit and long for the lie down mid-way through.

8.15pm. Get home. Have my tea. Realise I’ve had nothing to eat since 1pm and this is why I’m so light headed.

9pm. Complain about the lack of good television programmes on and probably watch some random old repeat of Gogglebox because it occasionally makes me laugh.

11pm. Sleep. Have dream about forgetting to add snacks to the food order. Realise it’s true, but I’m not getting out of bed to do it. Repeat to fade.

6.30am. Wake up next morning having remembered the day – I forgot to renew my Travelcard online, so I need to get to the station five minutes earlier, working on the assumption my train will be on time and won’t be shortened (as it’s sod’s law this happens when you’re not organised). Repeat to fade.