Or so I thought, anyway. I decided to embrace my inner geek and try out FourSquare. Around our table at work it’s become a bit of a joke having all our social networks, usually coming from Greg who casts scorn on us all (especially me with Pinterest). I can take it, we have a laugh and joke about it – until one day I decided I’d join FourSquare, and make Greg’s Desk a place. (it was in fact a Housing Development and I’d often be looking at the boxes around his desk or admiring the oranges he’s had there for the last five years so not taking it too seriously I don’t think)

So when I remembered I’d check into Greg’s Desk, or indeed anywhere I happened to be. My phone is slow, painfully slow and it felt a bit of an effort to get there, but I persevered. I checked in a few times – nobody else was – and ha! Eventually I became mayor. Oh ho ho, how I chuckled to myself, but I said nothing, waiting for that moment to break the hi-larious news, except today I went to check in and GASP! Greg’s Desk has gone!

Mayor of Greg's Desk

I’m not too fussed (as FourSquare and me don’t have a lot in common, I check in and find things out about places I wouldn’t go to anyway so it’s pointless space on my phone), but I wasn’t able to tell Greg that I’d become the mayor of his desk. I hope a screengrab will do the job, though I’ll also be mocked that it’s no longer there I’m sure.

Bye bye Foursquare

Anyway, I’m no longer there. I’ve just deleted my account. Stripped of my Mayoral role, but leaving with my head held high, right? My time with FourSquare is done. I think if it had more things to offer me locally it’d work, but every time I checked in anywhere it was either Primark or Nando’s that were offered to me.

Now there’s a thought, if someone could create a similar app but one that holds information on places to go to with your kids without the stalkery element….