It’s obvious, and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to think of. As you may or may not know, I have been getting more and more annoyed at kids in band t-shirts when you know full well they haven’t a clue what they’re wearing.

H has the ‘What Would Joe Strummer Do?’ t-shirt from Nippaz With Attitude which a few friends flagged with me, going on my rules. They have a point, but considering Joe Strummer didn’t release an album called that (or at least if he did I’m not aware of it) complete with graphics like that (I’d say I’m fairly safe here), then it counts. Funny nods to the music your parents like that you may have heard are borderline acceptable – like the Colic Youth shirt they do – they’re funny and aren’t to be taken too seriously.


This is my adequate solution. You see, having worked in music for so long now, H has to listen to music I like alongside ones she does. So far she’s liked some things (particularly an Echo and the Bunnymen drumbeat) and hasn’t disliked a lot. We’re easing her in gently so she doesn’t get too angry, and we’re set to do a fair bit of driving soon so we’ll be choosing songs we all like.

Having worked in music means I know some of the bands – which in turn means H knows them too, and their children – and two immediately spring to mind. H has heard their music and liked it, and can’t get her head around the fact they’re singing on YouTube – step forward Emma from Lush and of course Rachel from Mojave 3, Slowdive and her own fabulous solo album. H isn’t at the stage of singing any of their songs yet, but I’m looking forward very soon to the time she’ll wear a ‘Split’ or ‘Souvlaki’ t-shirt and will know the music as well as knowing one of the people behind the music.

Now THAT feels right. Rachel’s solo album has a lovely sleeve – she has the picture on her wall and I love it. I think a t-shirt based on that would be GREAT!