Last night we settled to sleep around 10.30, pretty tired as despite having had a day off I collected H from nursery early and we went to Alex’s – so lots of looking after small person… she went to sleep fairly quickly, as did we.

Then she woke up “mummy! Mummy! MUMMMYYY!” in a state somewhere between a night terror and just wanting a cuddle. This lasted for an hour, some of which she was asleep (we weren’t by this point), and some of which she did get taken out of bed and given a cuddle. As a last resort I stuck the fan back on, and the white noise seemed to work, she remained asleep until 5.45am.


Fortunately I fed her and kept her with us in our bed, where she slept a tiny bit longer until the alarm went off. But now, oh lordy, I feel so tired. Feeling tired and a day off with childcare does NOT work.

Cbeebies became my babysitter I am ashamed to say. Fortunately it was The Tweenies (awful!) singing all her favourite songs, Show Me Show Me (fab!) with lots of things to lie down and cuddle up and point things out, and of course Something Special (hurrah!) which is good for learning. I was even able to close my eyes for about 10 minutes (until H told me to “wake up mummy”). It’s naptime in an hour so I think I’ll have a spot of quiet time then, but for now I’ll continue.

In other news, we’re all a bit obsessed with The Mr Men Show theme tune, which can be found over here. Channel 5, every morning around 7.15ish, if you fancy bopping around your front room.