Nits. Ugh.

Just the word gets me feeling itchy. My head is permanently itchy, shampoo never quite leaves my scalp and I have dry skin there, almost like a permanent dandruff waiting to happen. It isn’t nice (and it’s probably stress related).

Oh, and last night Shaun found what looked like nits in my hair. Ugh. We’ve managed to avoid them up to now with each attack, but having shared a bed with H for two nights last week, and having given her endless cuddles and snuggles and not actually knowing how long she’s had this attack (I think possibly a week), somehow, the evil critters have got me.

So I itch. They may well be gone, but in my head is itchiness. I hate it.

I’ve stocked up on various products that are meant to get rid. I did the Hedrin Once treatment last night on myself (well, Shaun did it) and I’ve changed all our pillowcases and washed everything.

Yet still I itch.

On the plus side I’ve got lovely shiny hair.