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Things which need logging in some way.

H’s new phase of things is to wave her hands about and say “but we DON’T (insert whatever it is) though” in a way exactly like an adult. I’m not entirely sure who she’s copying from, but she’s good.

H has a booster seat now. She is all proud of it, leans forward to open the window and things like that to give me minor heart attacks until I remember she’s not harnessed in any more. Escapology will hopefully not be something she gets into…

We went to our local Sainsburys Cafe to have a snack on Saturday (yes, I know, why bother, I kind of think that myself now). The Children’s Deal was good, the adults utter rubbish. We spent about £16-£18 on two coffees, two paninis, two packs of crisps (which were 69p in store, 85p upstairs in the cafe), one children’s meal (Everything in a box for £3.50ish). Needless to say we wont be going back there in a hurry. At least Starbucks/Costa/Caffe Nero are expensive but tasty – my panini was so bland I may as well have just had a butter one. Yes, I didn’t complain so it’s my own fault.

Madam is copying me so much she told me she had a rash all over her arm today, then burst into a fit of giggles telling me how she wants to be just like mummy. Yes, I have not phoned the doctor, but I have an excuse – I promise. Every morning I get into work, get settled at my desk and then have a friend chat to me for a while which means I lose my quiet time to call the doctor, before people start coming in, music gets played and things get busy. I intend to rectify this by this time next week – though tonight my rash spread to my backs of legs and knees which makes me think it’s not diabetes related and I’m allergic to my razor. This doesn’t explain my elbow rash though, as I can safely say I don’t shave my elbows.

I’ve become a bit addicted to the fab Llama snacks. I’ve had them out and about with me a few times and taken such awful photos. I wish they were better. I should probably photoshop a proper llama biscuit on them, as I’m ashamed to share the ones I’ve taken. When I get that good photo, they will be shared. For now please read my review over at Mum Friendly instead.

We took delivery of some Ben and Holly Live stickers today, after I won them on a Facebook Page competition – H was extremely happy, and proudly paraded them around the back yard, before sharing them with her friends in the afternoon.

Happy Toddler Ben and Holly Live Stickers