It’s been a while. Like, around nine months of a while, almost. The irony is that two days ago, we finally got the positive sign! Now I have stomach cramps, and occasionally get weirded out remembering what’s in my stomach (approx 4 weeks, so it’s two weeks old here).

For quite a bit of last week I had butterflies at random times in my stomach, which was strange. My boobs definitely felt bigger – although I’d be checking them (and husband too) which proved a bit… well, he just liked doing it and it made him giggle. I just kept thinking “hmmmm”.

So come Thursday, and I did the test. “eeeeeek!” I thought. Called him into the bathroom. “Time to do the expensive test, I reckon!” and so did, and there it was – a large plus sign. Yep, I’m pregnant!! Or at least, the test says so.

Of course, the timing couldn’t be worse, really. I wont hit my second trimester until we’re out in Australia – so obviously, what do we do? Do we tell everyone out there, without that scan that says it’s all okay? I don’t know. Still, I’ll be seeing a female doctor on Monday, who’ll confirm everything.

Right now, I think it’s almost exactly four weeks since the date of conception. Lying on the bed holding husbands hand when we knew, taking in our little secret before gradually parts of the world need to know about it. So yes, I get back from Australia, and all being well, and nothing going wrong, I get back to work, and tell them all I’m pregnant. Cor. It’s all quite surreal.

The butterflies have gone now I know, and the stomach cramps are like a period that isn’t going to happen. Right now I’ve got to look after myself, as this next couple of weeks are crucial ones for the baby. I can be good, and that’s a good thing.

Right, folic acid, ahoy!