Well, there was a conclusion to the madness of earlier this week – her temperature crashed back down to normal, and she came out in a rash – I suspect roseola, as there has been some going around at nursery. She’s back there today for a couple of hours (hurrah, got to box up my 7″ singles), making Fathers Day things and hopefully having fun with the other babies… she missed her full day yesterday due to the rash.

I was worried in case it was measles, so took her to the doctors, who said “oh, we wont be giving you antibiotics” (yes, that’s good, I never asked for them anyway) and made me a bit cross. So I celebrated by buying food. Frozen food, at that. I’ve become a regular at Iceland now, it’s the cheapest for everything. Almost.

So today she seemed back to her normal self, so I dressed her up appropriately

So let’s hope the weekend is an uneventful one… tomorrow’s our 7th wedding anniversary, Sunday is Fathers Day.