the other thing in the back of my mind right now is that in a year or so we’ll be looking at where we want to live for schools, as our little H is an August baby, so she’ll be starting school from the September just after she turns 4, which will be weird, as suddenly a few of the kids she’s spent time with at nursery will stay at nursery while she goes to school, maybe with some others that she knows.

I’m not worried about her being at school as such – she’s a very sociable girl, and loves learning – she’s like a sponge right now, you can say something to her, and she’ll repeat it back and have a conversation with you about it, she’s really competent with her speech, and doesn’t seem unhappy with it (like when she was first talking) – I just worry about her being out of her depth… but then she can sing the ABC song from Sesame Street, and tonight she counted competently to 10, and can go up to 14 now with some help… so I shouldn’t worry too much – she might be light years ahead of some kids.

She’ll sing without thinking too much about it (she sang ‘Row Row’ in the car on the way home from nursery last night, it lasted five minutes as she kept repeating the same verses, which was quite funny), and will sing with her friends, and indeed talk with them. H and C were chatting to each other on Tuesday, and it’s the first time I’ve seen her have a conversation with another child, where they’re both saying hello to each other and talking, rather than being random.