H is having a confidence spurt at the moment, things which she swore she couldn’t do two weeks ago, she now can. For example :

She can now tie the bow on her school uniform and tie laces.

She takes showers. This was after claiming she hated them for as long as I can remember. After swimming you can’t get her out of the shower, which I think was the breakthrough point. She even has her hair washed in the shower – result!

Her front crawl is really coming on at swimming lessons. We’re just mastering her coming up for air and continuing to swim which is going fine – she’s very strong on her back, and pretty strong on her front but very good at holding her breath.

She has started to ask the meaning of words again which is good, rather than just reading. She’s so close to being a free reader at school. I’m not sure what’s holding her back there, but I know she’ll be there before the school year is out. She has been reading longer books at home for months now and always talks about the stories and what’s in there – her books are on repeat readings.

Playing Uno. We play every night after school – I never EVER let her win, and she beats me plenty of times – it’s great fun and I don’t mind losing as she’s such a good player. She’s mastered the sly face, pretending she has a card she doesn’t, as well as some good tactics. She has a good teacher 😉

Football. She goes happily again. We’re going to Wembley properly in a couple of months too. There will be a Tottenham friendly in the summer and I’m definitely taking her to White Hart Lane. Harry Kane is to H what Glenn Hoddle was to me. This is a good thing, though let’s hope Mr Kane doesn’t try a pop career.

Music. She’s obsessed with the Matilda Musical soundtrack. I bought it for her, and since it arrived there hasn’t been a day go by without it being played. The lyrics to the songs are on the artwork so she reads along with it. Annie is also a big favourite – I bought her the original Broadway recording on CD (I remember borrowing it from York Library when I was young!) which she’ll get at some point before we go to see it on stage in November – probably a birthday present.

Her nature. She’s so caring and loving and thinks a lot about other people. Most nights I’ll cuddle up with her in bed, and I’ve found myself repeating what I used to do when she was a baby and wanted me in the bedroom – when I’d lie on the floor and pretend to sleep. Except these days she’ll sit up, grab some covers and put them over me to make sure I stay warm. Then she falls asleep.

So that’s us at the moment. She’s currently very tall, and at almost five and three quarters is occasionally in Age 8 clothes which fit her, thanks to her height.