she now seems to be able to sign ‘milk’, say “more” (and sign it), and say Miffy (“mi mi”). She was clearly pointing at the milk (she has a bottle of cows milk at night, I get a rest to pump, oh joy of joys) and doing the hand signal (which is a bit like the motion of milking a cow).


She wont do it when I want to show off to others. I’m sure everyone thinks I’m lying.

Which leads me to the whole ‘Sing & Sign’ thing – I asked for advice from some mums and dads I know, to see whether they thought we should do it – and so far I’d say it’s definitely helping – where she understands what the sign means, she’ll do the sign, even if she can’t clearly say the word just yet. Every day she becomes more and more understandable, and it’s great. Some people say that a signing baby doesn’t develop their speech as much, and so far, while I’d have wondered if that was the case, it really doesn’t seem to be. Add to that I’m quite enjoying learning some signs, it’s not as difficult as it seems, if only having songs as a context for the basics. I mean, heck, I can do about 15 of the alphabet, and I’ve only had four classes.

Add to that I think the sign for kangaroo is just the best sign EVER.