Actually, that’s a lie. Such is this wave of extreme tiredness I’m having, I spent most of Saturday lying down on the settee trying to feel normal. I eventually did, and we all settled down with a bowl of popcorn to share, and Toy Story 2 – I like those kind of afternoons.

Sunday was a different story, which started with a visit to our local soft play for us, meeting up with two of our NCT lot and having a good hour and a half-worth of play in there to tire them out, which kind of did except all H wanted to do was climb on the castle and hang off one of the turrets on the outside. My funny girl…

Other than that, we just lounged around at home and had some quality family time. After a suggestion of trying some Wii games with H, we got our old Wii Play and Wii Sports out, and the ones she enjoyed the most seemed to be the boxing and the shooting.. sigh. We also had a good play of her Disney Princess game afterwards. As Shaun said, we’d never thought about playing the Wii games with her, but actually, pick the right ones and she’s the perfect age. I’m now wondering if there’s a Lego type game as I think Lego Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones might be a bit too much for her….

I’ve been brewing an idea with some of my good blogging friends recently, and will be setting up a linky for it. See, I have tons of stuff at home, most of it junk. Shaun often laughs about my plastic bag collection, I think I have a fine selection of 1970s and 1980s badges, and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the name, I think I’ll just call it ‘White Elephant’. All you need to do is take a photo of your white elephant item, and I’ll probably keep it open a while too, see if anyone is bothered. Worst case it’s me on my own showing off my Tufty Club badge or my Famous Five Fanclub badge and card, best case a few people join in and find it fun. We’ll see….  I just need a badge now. One thing, there’s so many linkys that I’m going to attempt to keep each one open for a month – but within that month you can enter several times. I’m unsure if this will work but heck, I’m going to try.