H withdrew a bit at Rainbows this week. I think it was the noise. It was noisy, but it was the first time in ages I’ve seen her covering her ears, the noise being too much. To be fair, I felt the same, and fortunately things calmed down. She helped me tidy up instead. She still loves it though.

Tuesday she had a playdate, and a new persona too. The over excited “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!” with bad attitude thrown in occasionally for good measure. This bad attitude is coming and going through the week.

She’s been moved up to the Gold reading level at school which I’m immensely proud of as this is all her own work – she’s a huge bookworm anyway, so progress like this, two months after turning five makes me delighted. Her response? “Yeah, whatever. Um. Yeah, interesting. Right. Whatever”

I can’t work out which child she’s copying, but she soon smartened up her ideas when I threatened to turn off The Great British Bake Off that we were watching so she would NEVER find out the winner. My little girl came back then.

Swimming too – we were told by her teacher that next week we’ll get the letter to move up into Stage 2/Yellow hats which is brilliant. I know she can do it, and it was about building her confidence. Now she’s just terrified because “I’ll have a new teacher” which may or may not happen straight away – I’ve been watching the yellow hat teachers as well as considering moving her to the pool we live practically next door to (which would cost more). Time will tell….

She was cross with me tonight. I was later than usual. I’ve had to point out that I have to work earlier on Mondays, so am later on Thursdays, but it’s okay as we have most of her schoolwork done by Thursday so we can take it easier on the late night. I think she agreed. She was still cross at me though, and did a bit of standing, scowling and roaring at me as only a five year old can.

This Saturday we’re going to Hampton Court to see Singalonga Frozen. It will be amazing. It will probably rain. I have bought a chair today from Blacks so I can sit comfortably. I am going to hear that DAMN song again. But most importantly of all, H doesn’t have a clue we’re going – neither do her friends. We decided to tell them in the car on the way there. Hehehe. So keep an eye on the MumFriendlyJo instagram feed on Saturday night as we slowly go a bit mad with it all. I love Hampton Court and can’t wait!

Shaun has had two job interviews in the last week, we should find out something next week. From my simple understanding of it, it’s either the job he’s doing, or a job he isn’t doing which would mean that one week out of every month I’d be doing the bedtime routine every night. Having done it for two nights in the last week I bet you can guess which option I’d prefer him to go for, should he be offered both..