Ooh, it’s 2012 and I only found out last night we get an extra bank holiday. How nice! Even if it’s a Tuesday and at this point I don’t work on that day. Thank you Queen.

We went to a friends house last night, as they were having a child-friendly do. H was really good all night, no toilet accidents and plenty of friends to play with – and amused us greatly with helping herself to crackers when we weren’t looking – and finishing with a big lump of cheese she was chomping away on (I confiscated it pretty quickly, but not quick enough for a corner to be missing). Cheeky lady.

It was nice to get out and walk there and back too – it’s been a funny old year has 2011. I really hope 2012 picks up. 2011 was full of ill health, miscarriage, friends and family being sick too, death – particularly towards the end. If 2012 can just hold off for a while and be a bit of fun that would be nice.

H was great last night – I often look at her and am amazed at how my little girl is becoming a proper little person in her own right. Actually, I often look at her and see a Karen from Outnumbered in the making… she’s even got the hair. She’ll be three in August, but already I’m seeing a mini teenager in there.. oh help.

We got home sometime after 11, and got H to sleep quickly – and then stayed up watching tv, and doing a puzzle at 58 Works which is dangerous – we lost an hour and a half (at least) doing it. Somehow we ended up getting to bed around 1.30. See, dangerous.

I was awake by 7am annoyingly. Woke H up around 9ish, and we finally had breakfast at 10. I think any plans to get out of the house for the day may well not happen any more. Why did I drink so much wine…. still, there’s always tomorrow…