6.30am, the alarm goes off. If we’re really lucky then H wakes up after this. If we’re not so lucky we both pretend to be asleep until the other nudges the other to get the other to get H and bring her into bed with us until the magical 6.30 alarm.

6.45am, when we’ll get H out of bed and nappy changed and dressed. She’ll generally be really good about this, and once you go into her bedroom will say “bag! Off!” (she wants her sleeping bag taken off) and “Get out!” (she wants to get out of bed). If she’s been awake and amusing herself for a while she’ll often also jump up and down in bed shouting “bounce! bounce!” at the top of her voice. I do wonder what would happen if we took the sides from her bed… she’d probably come into our room at ungodly o’clock and talk to us. Now that *would* freak me out.

7am, one of us will be downstairs preparing breakfast while the other is getting showered. H will be sat on the settee watching Peppa Pig. She can amuse herself now for a long time, and I thank god she can. It’s made doing other stuff much easier, though she does like to lean over the edge of the settee (she’s only gone over once) to grab (my) things off the table.

7.20am, we’re in the car, ready to go with two coffee’s in travel mugs, toast in some Tupperware (we don’t have time to eat before we go), and are on our way to dropping H off at nursery for 7.30. She’ll have breakfast there and often ignores Shaun after he’s dropped her off, engrossed in her food.

7.40am, we’re on our way again, in the car, driving up to work (Wandsworth) and trying to avoid the roadworks which crop up everywhere imaginable. If it’s Half Term I’ll get to work for 8.15am, and if it’s not then I’m in for 8.30.

8.30am – start work.

1pm – take my half hour lunchbreak

4.30pm – time to go home. Back in the car, more roadworks, Danny Baker on the radio, switch to Magic FM (hoping for plenty of singalong eighties hits) and Heart FM, and even Radio Jackie. Get to nursery by 5.30pm, pick up H. She’ll usually run into the castle there and pretend to fall asleep. I say usually, it’s almost every time..

6pm – we’re home. We’ll have sung some songs in the car home if she feels like it (she’ll often just say “no” when I sing a line and hope she joins in) and somehow a 10 minute journey can take forever. I’ll give her a quick feed, and then it’s off to make dinner so it’s ready for 6.30pm.

6.15pm – on a good day Shaun gets home now and will play with H, so I can finish the cooking. I feel bad, it’s like she’s being neglected post-feed, left to watch tv, but we need to eat and otherwise we’d never get her off to sleep…

6.30pm – we all sit down to eat together. SO important. My favourite part of the day, and it feels like we’re a family. I don’t know if it’s some old romanticised family notion in my head, but sitting around the table chatting just feels right to me.

7pm – milk and story for H

7.15pm – bathtime with daddy

7.45pm – get changed for bed

8pm – asleep.

Cue me and Shaun and us having a whole evening ahead of us to do all our own stuff. It’s great!

Somehow we still end up going to bed and feel tired the entire following day. I’m not sure why. When H woke up every other hour at night we coped much better. Very very weird.