Actually, there is no tale. Just photos. Three years of going to see Santa and she looks at him like an old friend.

In 2011 we did our first festive Painshill trip and it was lovely. Santa was perfect. Jos took this photo with her very posh camera.


So we went back in 2012. It was just as good, the present H got was much better (fairy wings) and again it was magical, the mulled wine tasted so good. We all had a lovely time. My camera isn’t as good!


This year I wasn’t as organised, but fortunately there was space at Bocketts Farm yesterday so she got to see him. Actually she then saw another an hour or so later at Polesden Lacey, and she declared “it’s just a man in a costume” – a part of me felt sad she’d said that, but she’s not daft. Fortunately I told her Santa was busy so needed these other ones to help, and she bought it. Lucky, as he’d phoned her from the North Pole earlier that day to congratulate her on being good at school – thanks PNP!

bocketts 2013


I hope we have more than just one more year of her believing. What do you do to keep your child believing? Or do they keep believing as they’re scared not to in case they don’t get any presents?