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Such is my problem accepting all things positive in life towards me, I occasionally can’t quite believe it when they happen to H too. At the same time I’m a proud mum who is gobsmacked at what she’s achieving if that makes any sense?

After her swimming lesson today I asked her teacher if she thought there was anything we needed to work on to help her improve. The feedback I got was amazing – pretty much, she’s getting really close to moving up into the yellow hat class. That’s to work towards Stage 3. As in, she’ll get her Stage 2.

She’s only four!!!

I can’t go on enough about how important it is to get your child used to being in a swimming pool learning to swim – and every week H does me proud. She is learning life skills here and enjoys doing it. Her teacher is brilliant, and the only thing stopping her from moving up right now is her age (which I agree with – she’s very young). The pool she would move into is deeper and the water is colder so we’re not thinking about it right now – just working towards it. We’ve got all the time in the world to do it. That and she’ll need a warmer swimming costume!

I have my local pool which is deeper where we can practice, we’re in no hurry at all. It’s all about it being fun and her having the confidence to try.

I remember when she got her Stage 1 award how Stage 2 felt like a way off – but looking at the requirements she is pretty much there.

But yeah, blimey. It’s been a week full of blimey’s this week.