We went to a friends house yesterday afternoon, and drove to Sainsburys. I asked H if she needed to do a wee, and she replied (pretty much like this) “No Mummy, and you must not ask me this any more. We are going to the supermarket, and I do not need to do a wee!”. That told me, then.

She then spent the afternoon being shy until right at the end when she kept telling her friend off… our little H is coming back, thank goodness, and she had a good day at nursery again.

Our friend Tessa told me about the book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ which I said I’d never heard of, and up until it arrived yesterday I was convinced I’d never seen it – then it arrived, and now I’m having one of those “where did I read it?” kind of days – I know it wasn’t at their house, and I don’t recall any other friends having the book – so am I just remembering it from my childhood? You know when something comes back to you, but you’ll probably never be able to place from where – it’s a bit like that. I also got ‘In The Night Kitchen’ and at some point when Shaun’s not looking I’ll pick up the last book in the trilogy… (I’ve been banned from buying things)

I have so much I need to write up it’s getting silly. Also, I’ve competitions running at Mum Friendly – the Dry Like Me one has finished, but you can still win a signed copy of Joanne Mallon’s fabulous ‘Toddlers – An Instruction Manual’ which is a book that you never realised you needed until your child officially became a toddler. Trust me on this one. We’ve already implemented some good ideas from the book into our daily lives with success, anyway.

We got home from work/nursery tonight, sat cuddling on the settee and playing for that short bit of time I’ve got before cooking food, and I was thinking how great it was that time seemed to be standing still, and we were having fun. Then I realised the clock had stopped. Tsk. Time had in fact flown, and we’d lost half an hour…. typical it stops when we get home though, rather than mid-way through the afternoon.